CNC Machining

In 2014 we invested in two new Doosan CNC machines and in 2020 a further two CNC machines were installed.

Over time we have developed a CNC machining business supporting the oil & gas, subsea and energy sectors and are now a well established machinist in the area supporting the a range of industries.

We are equipped with the latest CNC machinery supported by CAD/CAM programming and inspection technologies.

We believe it’s paramount to have a good variety of machines in house so we can ensure our level of capability is always kept high.


CNC Machines

  • Doosan Mynx(Mill) -6500/50 4thAxis X-1270.0mm, Y-670.0mm, Z-625.0mm ø300.0mm x 840mm Long
  • Doosan Puma (Lathe) -400 ø500.0mm x 1000.0mm Long
  • Doosan Puma 2000SY (Lathe With Live Tooling Ø330.0mm x 750.0mm long)
  • Doosan DNM 650 (Mill) 4thAxis X1270.0mm, Y670.0mm, Z625.0mm Ø300.0mm x 840.0mm long


Manual Machines

  • Dean Smith & Grace Lathe -ø500.0mm X 3500.0 Long
  • KRV-2000 Mill –X750.0mm, Y500.0mm, Z500.0mm


Our machine shop is perfectly set up for the manufacture of ROV tooling, drilling tools, shafts, rollers and equipment for various processing plants.



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