AJE and Rennie unite to create engineering powerhouse

AJE general manager Graham Alexander welcome Malcolm Rennie.

AJE and Rennie Fabrication have joined forces to create an engineering powerhouse.

Staff members from the two firms are set to amalgamate giving scope to take on more varied work in a wider range of sectors.

Graham Alexander, general manager of AJ Engineering which has a complex of buildings on the Greshop Industrial Estate site explained that the addition of Malcolm and staff members would provide more opportunities: “Over the years Malcom and his team have gained a wealth of experience and have built up a strong client base for Rennie Fabrication. They have demonstrated their capabilities through producing many bespoke items over the years to meet clients’ needs. We are delighted to have Malcolm working with us.

Rennie Fabrication was set up in 2002 in Rafford, however as the business expanded the firm moved to larger premises in Forres.

The client base included repeat businesses from customers in the oil and gas, marine and the distilling industries.

Malcolm Rennie who previously worked with AJE managing director Alan James at former Forres firm William Reid explained why he was making the move to AJ Engineering.

“Over the years myself and my team have worked hard to develop Rennie Fabrication. We have gone through two big expansions, however I don’t feel I am able to progress the business any further without making drastic changes. A chance conversation with Graham led to an opportunity for me to join AJ Engineering. As these discussions progressed we spoke about the Rennie Fabrication staff and Graham kindly agreed to make offers of employment to all the Rennie Fabrication employees. In essence, it’s going to give my staff and the AJE team the best of both worlds.

He added: “With my experience in the distillery and fish farming sectors I hope to open additional opportunities to AJE. Both sets of staff are highly skilled and the work that comes in from both clientele bases will offer the workforces more experience in a wider range of sectors.”

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