Replica test bridge will ensure smooth install

A replica of the Kessock Bridge gantry rails has been installed at the company’s Forres depot so that the new inspection gantry can be tested.

AJE secured the project at the end of 2018 and the gantry is now about to undergo its hydraulic and electrical installation and testing on site at Forres.

The inspection gantry is used to carry out examinations on the bridge.

Overseeing the project has been Wilson Burnett and as he explained, the work has involved harnessing the use of all the skill sets AJE boasts.

“Due to the nature of this work we have had to use the expertise of the workshop and CNC teams along with all the mechanical assembly work. To ensure the installation by others goes smoothly, all the testing is being carried out here at AJE HQ in Forres.”

He added: “The existing inspection gantry was 30 years old and has been condemned. As well as being able to inspect the bridge, the new gantry will also be crucial for inspecting all of the under deck prior to painting of the bridge which is expected to take place over the next three years.”

Wilson continued: “The main contractor Spencer Group has an electrical and hydraulic firm that are carrying out these works and they are testing in the yard at Forres of electrical controls and hydraulic operations. To allow this, we have had to install two concreate plinths and steelwork for the gantry to sit on and to enable it to be simulated in its operation. It’s important we know everything is in full working order before it is then split into three loads and transported to the site where a team from Spencer Group will reassemble it under the bridge. This expected to take place in mid-November.”

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