AJE employee hailed a hero

One of AJE’s employees came to rescue of the firm’s publicity consultant when her son took a tumble off his bike in Culbin Forest last month.

Lee Binks, the company’s business development representative was in the Forest and discovered Claire Doughty with her son Adam who was clearly in distress.

Lee took control of the situation, called an ambulance and then borrowed Adam’s bike to meet the ambulance at the entrance to the Forest so he could show the paramedics the location of the incident.

With permission of the Forestry Commission Lee even had to smash a lock off the gate, to ensure the ambulance could gain access.

Claire who has worked with AJE as a consultant for six years said: “I am indebted to Lee. Adam had clearly hit his head as his helmet was cracked and he was screaming about his arms. My other son was with my friend, but I could hear him getting distressed. It was incredibly stressful. Lee arrived on the scene and immediately took control which was such a relief as all I wanted to do was be with Adam and reassure him. Lee rang the ambulance and then even went as far as cycling back to the car park to meet the paramedics.

“Adam now has two broken wrists, but it could have been a lot worse, and having a friendly face there to help, really did go some way to making a terrifying situation that less bit frightening.”

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