Transatlantic consignment arrives safely

Materials which were dispatched on the high seas to a project taking place over 8000 miles away have arrived safely.

The items which involved the fabrication of 134 tonnes of secondary steel left on MV Billesborg from Teeside bound for the Rothera Research Station situated on Adelaide Island to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula.

However, whilst the crossing went well, the weather closed in during the unload and reload and took an unplanned two weeks instead of six days.

Project manager Malcolm Rennie explained: “Our containers were taken off the ship okay but I’m unsure if they have been unloaded yet. The job will start up again in October. It’s been a struggle to keep the ground clear with the heavy weather so very little progress was made during the last couple of weeks. Also, because of COVID 19 and worsening weather, non-essential personnel were told to leave to protect the site.”

The site includes the Bonner research laboratory, offices and workshops and a crushed rock runway, hangar and wharf.

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