Distance learning no prob for local client

AN AJ Engineering site installer has completed a one-day training course over 450 miles away in order to carry out a job for a Forres-based firm situated just around the corner from AJE’s HQ.

AJE is renowned for going above and beyond for its customers and recently had to find a solution to fix leaky gutters which have plagued one of the buildings that forms Mackenzie & Cruickshank Garden Centre.

The garden centre was developed on the site of an old call centre and as MD Alan James explained have been a bugbear for garden centre owner Peter Wilson for years.

“When Peter took on the building, it was a standalone building and the gutters were on the outside. As the site was developed and other buildings were added, that meant the original gutters which were not very well manufactured or installed to a good standard didn’t perform and leaked inside the new development.

“Over the years various repairs have been made, but to no avail, until now.”

AJE sourced a company in Birmingham, based in the Midlands which provide a system which can line the gutters, but it meant that AJE site installer Aidy Eastham had to undergo one-to-one intensive training in order to ensure they were installed properly.

Alan added: “It just shows how committed we are to our customers that we sent a member of staff on a training course to the Midlands of England for one day, to carry out a job that is situated just around the corner for us.

“But we know how much these gutters have been causing problems for M&C and we wanted to find a solution.

“It’s quite clever technology and involves three metre lengths of a membrane coated metal which are fabricated in a “W” shape and they are inserted into the gutters and then the installer pushes down the centre of the W to from a liner inside the gutters. The 3m lengths are then membrane heat welded at the joins to ensure a good seal.

“It is a more expensive option, but hopefully this will fix it once and for all.”

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