Quality result for quality manager

Quality manager, Jazmin Kellas has passed the second year of her graduate apprenticeship with distinction and has just begun her third year of the four-year course.

Jazmin who began working with AJE in 2018 is studying a BA (hons) in Business Management with Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Jazmin said the course has been useful at giving her an insight into different aspects of AJE.

“I’m really enjoying it and there is a lot of what I am learning that I can then relate to AJ Engineering. A lot of what we are doing is based on much larger companies, but I am gaining a good insight on processes that we could put in place at AJE. It’s also enabled me to learn about different aspects of business such as the financial and commercial sides.”

Jazmin added: “I have just begun the third year and this first module has been about project management and this is insightful as I am able to learn the theory and then look at how it can be applied in real life.”

Jazmin will soon be going on maternity leave for the birth of her second child and she said that juggling her daughter, work and the impact of Covid-19 has presented its challenges: “It’s not been easy but I just have to get on with it. Covid-19 has made it hard. The course is predominantly online, but I did visit Aberdeen four or five times a year and that was useful to meet up with others doing the same course.

“However, the university is really supportive and the way they do the online learning has been very good.  I am looking forward to getting on with my third year although we will see how it goes when also trying to juggle two children under two!”





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