A whisky tour of Scotland

A TOUR of some of Scotland’s distilleries has become part of the day job for one AJ Engineering’s project engineers who has been handling a number of jobs at three key sites.

And it is hoped the projects for a leading scotch whisky producer which is being handled by AJE on behalf of a new high profile construction client will lead to more work in the future.

Gary Moyes has been managing projects at Cardhu, Blair Athol and Dufftown distilleries.

All of the projects have involved making alterations to the roof of each distillery to allow equipment to be removed and reinstalled and one of the projects has also involved working on the transformation of the visitor centre at Cardhu.

Gary explained: “All the projects have been quite similar but at the same time they have all had something unique about them as well. For example, Blair Atholl is a very important tourist distillery, attracting upward of 90,000 visitors per year. It was crucial here that the works carried out didn’t alter or diminish the stunning aesthetics of the site.

He added: “At Dufftown weather conditions and a very tight completion window meant this job had to be completed safely and quickly so as not to delay the replacement works. The unique blend of skills among our site teams are uniquely suited to assisting this client, where a number of disciplines are required across the job in order to allow removal and installation of equipment in the shortest possible time.”

The scope of works for each distillery is outlined below.

Blair Atholl

  • Remove slates, sarking, cladding and support members above pot stills and condensers to create an opening suitable for copper removal/replacement works
  • Remove glass skylight panels within the footprint of the lift area for pot still and set aside to be reused
  • Reinstate all roofing and return to the pre-scope standard



  • Remove roof panels and steelwork at rear of stillhouse to allow access above condensers for lifting and replacement by client
  • Reinstate all roof panels and steelwork as previously configured upon completion of condenser replacement works
  • Remove skylight above condenser at front of stillhouse to allow access for lifting & replacement by client
  • Reinstate skylight as previously configured upon completion of condenser replacement works 


Cardhu still house roof works.

  • Remove roof panels and purlins immediately above spirit still to facilitate copper removal & replacements
  • Upon completion of still replacement activities, replace roof panels and purlins

Cardhu kiln roof works for visitor centre.

  • We were tasked with creating a new, reusable roof hatch in the existing roof to allow client to install new equipment via crane
  • Once complete, the roof will look exactly as before from the outside but can be quickly opened up for any future maintenance or replacement work





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