Work from home will remain an option for staff

Managing director Alan James 

Working from home if that’s what AJE staff wish to do is still very much an option according to managing director Alan James.

Alan has been pleasantly surprised by the way staff have embraced the home working situation since the outbreak of coronavirus in March 2020 and he sees no reason why working practices need to change.

He said: “Traditionally, it was important to me that everyone was in the office and that they could hear what was going on and be available to get advice and put forward their ideas in the development of the projects.

“However, Covid changed the way in which we had to work and from what I can tell and what has been surprising but also reassuring is that everyone seems happier working a bit more from home.”

Like the rest of the country AJ Engineering was forced to adopt technology which allowed for virtual meetings and Alan now believes that this is something that can be continued if staff want.

“Traditionally, the way we have run the business was to have everyone here, under one roof. It was only because of Covid that we had to embrace the technology and that has allowed us to make sure that we can all keep up to date with each other. We have been able to have virtual meetings and maintain this way of working and cohesive effort and it doesn’t seem to be affecting output or progress.”

Alan added: “Ideally I would like staff to come in from time to time, but it’s now not essential. Equally, there are those who working from home is maybe not the easiest option, so clearly, they are welcome back to the office too. We are adopting a suck it and see kind of attitude and we are all too aware that we need to be cautious and careful when it comes to Covid and the pandemic.”

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