Subsea works matter for CNC

Willie Mackintosh, manager of the CNC shop.

The Subsea sector is big business for AJ Engineering’s CNC shop with 75 per cent of orders coming from within that industry.

The CNC shop, headed by Willie Mackintosh has just secured a new contract with Sulmara who provide survey and positioning services covering all phases of construction and installation across the offshore energy sector.

The CNC shop secured the contract with Sulmara in early April as Willie explained: “We are making some components for Sulmara and it’s good work and they have asked for good quantities. It’s a straightforward project where they require us to do nine assemblies which will be assembled from five different parts. It’s great to have a new subsea customer as much of the CNC work is in that field. There is never a week that goes by where we aren’t doing something for the subsea sector.

“However, we do get other works too and these jobs can be a little different. For example, we are often asked to make new parts for a piece of machinery or a component. In these cases, we are not working off plans or drawings, but instead have to reverse engineer. It’s a different skillset and just shows that within CNC there is a wealth of knowledge and skill to be found.”


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