Best year for NEWCo biker

Image: Brian Gray & Gary McMillan

A NEWCo employee who took part in the Scottish Six Day Trial has said he has had his “best year.”

Dave Hollands, Project Operational Manager has been competing in the event for six years and this year was placed 142 out of 290 competitors.

As the name suggests, the trial take place over six days at different locations throughout Lochaber. Each day, the competitors tackle different routes often covering between 100 to 120 miles. Within that distance there are 30 sections where judges observe the competitors to give them a score.

Dave said: “This is the best year I have had, I am very chuffed with how I was placed, particularly as I am getting a wee bit older. The miles that we cover don’t sound that big if they were all to be done on road, but during the trials we are crossing hills, moors and rivers so it can be hard work.”

Dave (47) added: “I have always been a biker and I joined Inverness Trials Club a few years back and got involved in local club trials. The Six Day Trial was always talked about and eventually I gave it a go. People always think it takes you out of your comfort zone, but once you have done it once, you just want to keep going back and doing it again and again.”

Dave started his training just after Christmas and explained that although each year the routes differ, this year there were more significant changes because of the problems with the Corran Ferry which has been out of action to vehicles for a number of weeks.

“There are always different routes and but this year it did feel significantly different due to the problems with the ferry,” explained Dave, “however, it was a great event and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.”

The Scottish Six Days Trial is an internationally recognised Motorcycle trials competition, which has been running since 1909 making it the oldest motorcycle trials event in the world.

NEWCo is the sister company of AJE, located in Fort William.














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