Plug and play for distant client

AJ Engineering has fully fabricated three modular buildings complete with mechanical installation at its Forres depot, which were then transported and installed over 500 miles away, with the majority of the work being done offsite there is minimal on-site requirements making them a “plug & play” type project.

The three modular structures were approximately 10m long x 3m wide and 3m high and are for a project at Rickinghall Water Treatment Works.

Once fabricated at AJE, the structural frames were then coated offsite before being returned to Forres for over cladding and mechanical fit out.

The job was led by project manager Wilson Burnett who said: “This was a great project to work on as whilst the client’s site is based down near Norwich which is 554 miles away, the bulk of the work was done right here in Forres. Once the buildings had been coated, they were returned to Forres for the cladding and the full mechanical installation including the fabrication of the stainless-steel process pipework. Once all that was complete, the units were delivered to the site ready for a ‘plug and play installation’.”

He added: “The beauty of this project was that about 90 per cent of the work was carried out at the factory removing the need to send operatives to site for a long period of time which ultimately results in more effective working methods. In addition to the modular units, AJE was also tasked with the fabrication and erection of a large access platform which is also part of the project.

The works at Rickinghall in west Suffolk, are part of an £11.5 million project to secure water supplies for the region.

The project comprises of an £8million upgrade of Essex & Suffolk Water’s Rickinghall water treatment works and the creation of a new £3.5million borehole nearby. It is hoped the project will remove the need to bring in water to the site by tanker during hot summers, increasing water supply capacity by more than 60 per cent and helping to protect supplies and water quality to more than 1,100 homes and businesses in the surrounding area.


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