AJE invests in new sector machinery

The new machinery is expected to arrive next Spring.

AJE has made a £700K investment which will enable it to become a key player in the production of electricity pylons and employ more staff.

And the purchase of the new piece of kit, which will be imported from America-based firm Peddinghaus who produce the toughest steel fabrication machinery in the world, is already allowing AJE to bid for work in the sector.

The Anglemaster HD Angle Line is expected to arrive at AJE’s Forres-based Waterford site next spring.

AJE was successful in securing a grant from Energy Transition Zone (ETZ) who have awarded £250K towards the cost of the machine.

Graham Alexander, director and general manager for AJE said: “This is a new market for us, but we saw an opportunity and decided to invest in the automated angle processing machine.  Electricity transmission is big business throughout the UK and now that we have two bases in England, one in London and one just over the border in Carlisle, we will be looking to offer our services to clients the length and breadth of the country.”

Graham added: “Traditionally the transmission of power would generally happen down the spine of the country out towards the coast. However, with the development of subsea transmission cables and offshore windfarms, things have changed and that means there is a huge requirement for a new network of pylons.

“All the parts that are required to make a pylon can be manufactured on this piece of kit. It’ll be straightforward to install although there will be a supervisor who comes from the USA to oversee its installation. It also means that we will need to employ new staff to manage the orders and operate the machine.

“We are busy liaising with clients and providing quotations so we will be ready to hit the ground running, once it’s in-situ.”

Speaking about the funding, Graham added: “We also wish to thank ETZ who have awarded funding through their challenge fund.

The ETZ Challenge Fund supports high-growth potential companies across North East Scotland’s energy sector to enter the low-carbon industry. The Challenge Fund awards grants to accelerate innovation and market entry, support business growth, and create new jobs in the energy transition into the low-carbon market.

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