Site visit helps it all add up for finance manager

A bird’s eye view of the site visited by Louise.

Visiting sites isn’t just restricted to project managers, fabricators and cladding specialists, group finance manager Louise Munro is also partial to an outing.

Recently, Louise who has worked at AJE for 13 years visited the Herricks Water Treatment Works where the team has been working to supply and install a new portal frame building and cladding, 10 process tanks, all secondary access steel work and mechanical install including all S/S pipework.

Louise said: “I was delighted to be invited to site by project manager Wilson Burnett. My role is obviously predominantly office based, and I hear about all the projects but I never actually get to see what it all means, but being on site has given me a greater understanding of the whole picture. It was really helpful being able to get a real insight to what the project managers and on-site teams do and how this all relates to other departments in AJE. One department can’t exist without the other.”

Whilst onsite, Louise was also treated to a bird’s eye view of the ESD site, located just outside of Keith with a ‘trip’ in the MEWP.

“It was a real treat getting up in the MEWP and seeing the whole site. It was certainly different to being in my office.”

More directly related to Louise’s job is her upcoming trip to NEWCo where she will be meeting auditors.

“NEWCo is really important to me, as I have been involved in it since the start, when Alan purchased the company,” explained Louise, “I was involved in all aspects of getting the new company set up from financial procedures and new software systems for the day to day running of the business, to the corporate side dealing with solicitors, accountants and the bank. I’m really looking forward to the visiting the team there and working with the auditors.”



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