Expansion for CNC

In the past two years AJ Engineering’s CNC division has employed three new members of staff and two new machines have been purchased for the machine shop to ensure the company keeps up with demand and stays ahead of the game.

Lee Binks, Business Development Representative explained: “AJE CNC has always worked in a wide variety of sectors such as energy, subsea, wood production and general engineering, giving our engineers a great variety of projects to turn their hands to.

“The last big investment was in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic when two new machines were installed. Since then, we have continued with our investments by employing three new team members and purchasing an additional two machines to keep up with demand.”

He added: “One of these machines was the Doosan DNM 150 which we bought last year and then in April we got the Doosan Lynx 2100LB, both machines have Fanuc control systems which is consistent throughout the machine shop. We now have in total six CNC machines which will allow us to keep up with demand and provide competitive pricing and attractive lead times to our clients as we ramp up production.”

Meanwhile, the company’s Waterford facility is awaiting the imminent arrival of a new piece of kit which will enable AJE to become a key player in the production of electrical transmission towers.

AJE has invested £700K in the equipment which is being imported from America-based firm Peddinghaus who produce some of the most robust steel fabrication machinery in the industry. The Anglemaster HD Angle Line is expected to arrive at AJE any day now. AJE was successful in securing a grant from Energy Transition Zone (ETZ) who have awarded £250K towards the cost of the machine. More to follow.





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