It’s come to blows!

It was quite the surprise for two fabricators at AJ Engineering to discover they’d both signed up for the same charity white-collar boxing event. Even more unexpected… they ended up being scheduled to face off against each other!

Kai Nicoll and Harrison Morland signed up to support Cancer Research UK by participating in the event, which took place at the MacDonald Aviemore Resort on May 4. This event mirrors professional boxing matches, with spectators purchasing tables for the occasion. But there’s a twist, the boxers are novices!

Adding to the excitement, Harrison works at AJE’s Greshop workshop, while Kai is based at the Waterford site.

Leading up to the event, fabrication manager Craig Johnston fuelled the rivalry by suggesting that each ‘fighter’ had been ‘trash-talking’ the other, urging them to intensify their training efforts.

Approximately 20 fights were scheduled for the night, with top billing going to those who raised the most for charity… you guessed it, this AJE pair took centre stage, meaning Kai and Harrison had to wait until late in the evening to settle their dispute.

However, it was Harrison weighing in at 10kg more than Kai who took the honours with a points decision after a gruelling hard fought three round contest. Kai won the prize for the most money raised, with a grand sum of £5,040.00. Well done lads!

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