Employees return to work

Alan James is pleased that work is beginning to return to ‘normal’

AJ Engineering is starting to resemble its former self with several employees being taken off furlough and returning to work.

At the start of the Covid 19 crisis 22 were furloughed with a few staying on to support clients who work in sectors which were deemed ‘essential’.

However, with new projects starting and existing sites being reopened, the company has taken the decision to bring more people back to work.

Company MD Alan James said: “It has been a very difficult few weeks for businesses and AJ Engineering has been no different. We have had to work within the guidelines and like many other businesses, many of our projects were halted as sites began to close down. We didn’t know when or if things were going to come back on.

“However, things are generally starting to look a lot more positive and restrictions are starting to be lifted which means we can start bringing people back to work. Currently we have 60 per cent of the work force back. We are fortunate to have an extensive site at AJ Engineering which means we can adhere to social distancing and other guidelines which are put in place meaning we can keep our staff safe.”

He added: “We are also pleased to report that we are seeing a number of new jobs come our way, there is work that we are tendering for and work that was put on hold is resuming.”

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